Drivers in California that have been convicted of reckless or drunk driving will find they will need sr-22 insurance. If you had an accident with no insurance or to many violations a SR-22 insurance policy may also be required. California DMV will require the insurance company issue the SR-22 certificate to reinstate a suspended license. The certificate will inform DMV that you are carrying state minimum liability coverage. It also obligates the insurance company to inform DMV if the policy cancels for any reason.

SR-22 Insurance Cost In California

Expect your insurance cost to increase if you need this type of insurance. Needing a SR-22 is not the main reason for the increased cost your driving record is what the rate is based on. In many cases the SR-22 form is free or a small fee is charged for the extra paperwork that is submitted to California DMV.  Rates will be higher if you have had multiple DUI’S or reckless driving violations than if you have only one. Multiple driving on a suspended license will increase rates as well. Having more than one accident in a 3 year period will increase rates the most. You can lower the cost by reducing your liability limits to the state minimum or reducing Physical Damage Coverage. Get your sr22 insurance quote here.

Non Owner SR-22 Insurance Cost

Non Owner SR22  insurance is half the cost of insuring a vehicle. There are strict limitations to the policy such as no coverage for any vehicles you or a spouse own. Find out more here. 

California Minimum Liability Requirements For SR-22 Insurance

California state minimum required is Bodily Injury Liability of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident with at least $5,000 in property damage to obtain the SR-22 filing. There are risks to carrying the minimum coverage if you have a home or assets you want to protect. The cost of additional liability will pale in comparison compared to out of pocket cost if your involved in a serious accident. A better strategy may be to eliminate or reduce Physical Damage Coverage if you have a older vehicle.

California SR-22 Insurance Time Requirements

California DMV will require the SR-22 to be in force for 3 years. If the policy lapses or cancels DMV will be notified and your driving privilege will be revoked. DMV will require a new policy and SR-22 along with reinstatement fees before issuing a reinstated license. Moving out of California will not release you from the time requirement. A California SR-22 will be required even if you try to obtain another state license. You can get more information here.

Shopping For California SR-22

There are many insurance providers in California and it is important to do your homework before purchasing. One of the better options is to use a insurance broker who has access to multiple markets. There are some big companies buying up advertising that will have only one option to offer you unlike a insurance broker. Also beware of lead companies who will take your information and sell it to multiple agents, creating a never ending deluge of spam emails and phone calls.