Non Owner SR22 Insurance 

Save 50% On Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Non Owner SR22 Insurance can help you reinstate your suspended drivers license if you don’t own a car but are required to carry SR22 insurance and it’s 50% cheaper than a Owner’s Policy.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance 

Save 50% On Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Non Owner SR22 Insurance can help you reinstate your suspended drivers license if you don’t own a car but are required to carry SR22 insurance and it’s 50% cheaper than a Owner’s Policy.

What exactly is Non Owner SR22 insurance?

Just like the name sounds a Named Non Owner Insurance policy is for people that do not own a vehicle. The policy will follow you when you are driving private passenger vehicles that you have no ownership in. You and only you are insured on the policy. If DMV is requiring SR22 insurance a non owner policy will help you reinstate your driving privledge by adding a sr22 certificate to the policy. This state mandated action to carry a sr22 auto insurance applies to suspended drivers whether they own a vehicle or not.

Who Needs  Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

Non Owner SR22 Insurance is for drivers that need a sr22 filing but do not own a car. If  your drivers license is suspended due to DUI, accidents or multiple infractions DMV will require SR22 insurance whether you own a vehicle or not. Well not to worry the Non owner policy can help you acheive reinstatement by adding a sr22 financial responsability certificate to the policy. This state mandated action to carry a sr22 auto insurance applies to suspended drivers whether they own a vehicle or not. 

Who Should Not Buy Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

  • You should not buy a non owner policy if you own and operate a vehicle that is not insured.
  • If you share a household with someone who owns a vehicle, which you sometimes drive, unless you are listed on their policy as an insured driver.

What Are The Limitations Of Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

Non Owner Insurance does have limitations regarding how frequent a vehicle is borrowed and will not extend coverage to a spouses vehicle. A vehicle that is registered to the same address that you reside may also exclude coverage. The liability coverage is considered secondary to the existing insurance on the vehicle you borrow. This means if you exhaust the liability limit on the borrowed cars policy then Non Owner Policy will start and pay up to the limits you purchased.

What Is A  SR22 Certificate?

A  SR22 Certificate or financial responsability form is an additional form or rider that is added to an insurance policy. The SR22 obligates the insuring company to file proof of insurance with the state DMV that a policy has been started. If the policy cancels for nonpayment of premium or for underwriting reasons the insurance company is required to notify DMV of the cancelation. 

How Long Is Non Owner SR22 Insurance Required?

The sr22 requirement can vary from state to state depending on the reason the sr22 was required. Generaly speaking though it is usually a 3 year requirement from the time you first were eligible to reinstate your drivers license. 

What If  The SR22 Insurance Cancels?

Cancelation of a sr22 insurance policy will result in a DMV suspension of your drivers license unless the following:


  • The sr22 time requirement has been satisfied with DMV
  • You have replaced the canceled sr22 insurance policy with a new sr22 insurance policy.

How Much SR22 Insurance Do I Need To Buy?

No matter what state you reside in you will always be required to purchase at least the state minimum liability limits required by law to drive legally. State liability limits vary from state to state. A an insurance company cannot sell less than what is required by state law. Keep in mind that state minimum liability is not very much coverage if your involved in a bad injury accident. Most insurance companies will offer higher limits on non owner sr22 policies if requested but expect to pay a little more in premium.

How Much Does Non Owner SR22 Insurance Cost?

Rates for a Non Owner SR22 Policy are substantially less than insuring a vehicle as there is a smaller risk to the insurance company issuing the policy as you do not have a vehicle. The cost can be as much as 50% less than a owners policy. Prices can vary from company to company and you will want to shop the various rates. You can get your Non Owner insurance rate shopped by clicking HERE and letting do the shopping for you saving you both time and money.

Will Non Owner Insurance Cover A Car Rental?

Rental car companies require Physical Damage Coverage to protect their vehicles against theft fire and collision. The Non Owner SR22 insurance only covers for liability coverage. You would need to buy the rental car insurance coverage.

How Is A Broad Form Policy Different From A Non Owners Policy?

A Broad Form Policy will cover you and only you on all vehicles you own for liability and also cover you on any vehicle you borrow. Just like the name implies the liability coverage is broad unlike the Non Owner policy which is very limited to cars not owned.

Will Non Owner SR22 Insurance Coverage Apply If I Buy or Borrow A Motorcycle 

The non owner coverage does not apply to motorcycles purchased or borrowed for the following reasons:


  • A motorcycle endorsement is required by law to drive legally
  • Motorcycle insurance is written on a a different policy form

What if I Purchase a Vehicle?

You must change the policy from Non Owner Insurance to a owners policy and list the vehicle on the policy to have coverage.

Will My State Allow Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

State requirements for car insurance vary  from state to state depending on where you live. Some states offer a non owners policy, some don’t. States also have different minimum requirements for car insurance.  

How Can I Purchase Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

Do not make the mistake of filling out a form for a lead generation company that will sell your information to as many agents or insurance companies as they can. When searching online click the about us tab on every website and find out who you are dealing with before sharing your personal info. A good option can be getting rate’s through a licensed insurance broker who can check multiple SR22 insurance companies. Get a free non owner insurance quote through With over 32 years of experiance in sr22 insurance you will find all the answers to your questions along with great sr22 insurance rates. You can buy coverage online in as little as 15 minutes using your smart phone or desktop computer and filling out a very short form to get your SR22 Insurance Quote.

Popular Reasons To Purchase Non Owners SR22 Insurance

  • Requirement to show proof of insurance.
  • The state might require liability coverage even if you don’t own a car but have a major violation on your driving record and still need to drive at some point. Non-owner car insurance is a simple, affordable solution
  • You borrow your friend’s car from time to time.
  • If driving someone else’s car every now and then, it’s smart to have basic liability coverage in place. And depending on where you live, basic liability coverage might be required.
  • You just sold your vehicle. While you can technically cancel your previous auto insurance policy, swapping it for a cheaper non-owner car insurance policy keeps you under continuous coverage, saving you money in the long run.
  • Having a vehicle is to expensive but you still need to drive and be insured.
  • If you still plan on getting behind the wheel, a non-owner policy will protect you on the road. And by keeping insurance coverage, your auto insurance rate will improve if you own a vehicle again in the future.

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