Your night on the town was a blast until you got into your car and were pulled over by the police. After the officer spoke with you he proceeded to run several DUI tests. Then the Breathalyzer was administered and you failed. Now your thinking about large fines. Your car being impounded. License suspension and how to find cheap DUI insurance.

Costs Incurred after DUI

The cost of a DUI conviction will vary by state and the cost can run into the thousands of dollars. In California, for example, the estimated minimum cost for a DUI conviction is $11,300. The state of Nevada estimates the average DUI cost at $13,700. The first thing you will pay for is to have your car impounded. Depending how far its towed and how long its in impound will determine the cost. There will be a hefty fine of at least $1,000.00 depending on your circumstance and court costs. DUI School will be required. A breathalyzer interlock device will need to be installed and maintained in your car. Your auto insurance is now considered a high risk by your insurer.

Find Cheap DUI Insurance

When your insurance company learns about your DUI expect a huge increase in premiums or a cancellation letter. Now the task ahead is to find a insurance company that specialize’s in cheap DUI insurance. You will need a company that can also file a sr22 on your behalf. A fast and convenient option is using a insurance broker who has multiple companies. Don’t settle for a company that has only one option for you.

What Is A SR22?

Its just is a certificate that is attached to a DUI insurance policy. It obligates the insurer to notify the DMV when the policy starts. It also obligates the insurer to notify them if the policy cancels or lapses. The cost is minimal, some companies file for free other charge $5.00 to $20.00 for the filing. The real cost will be the increased insurance premium. You can get a sr22 quote by clicking here.

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